Detroit Athletic Club Donates Executive Clothing to Focus: HOPE

For the past 6 years, the Detroit Athletic Club has collected professional clothing among its members and donated them to our organization. We have been able to give these pieces of clothing to our students who are soon entering the professional workforce.



“I have a history of working in the Detroit community, and the DAC is proud to work with Focus: HOPE and this particular initiative that helps create self-esteem and self worth for for the people returning to work,” said Brenda Schneider, DAC Community Outreach Committee Member.

In total, the Detroit Athletic Club donated 776 items of executive clothing for our students.


In order to prepare our students for the workforce, we enforce a dress code. Students who are unable to meet this dress code are able to find clothes in our student clothes closet, where these items will be going. Thanks to organizations like the DAC, our closet contains sports coats, dresses, pencil skirts, suits and more of all sizes for both male and females.


Thank you Detroit Athletic Club, from everyone at Focus: HOPE.

As you know, we are a nonprofit organization that relies on generous donors like you to keep our doors open for those we serve. Please consider making a donation today and remember that one donation to Focus: HOPE, changes an entire generation.

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Thank You! To our Volunteers & Sponsors for Helping Spread Holiday Cheer to 1,400 low-income seniors.

With the holiday season upon us, it is a reminder to us all to practice gratitude. Millions of individuals around the country are not as fortunate to make the holiday season magical for their families. In Detroit specifically, many households struggle with food insecurity and are not able provide a holiday meal on their own.

With the help of over 400 volunteers from all over Southeast Michigan, and our community partners, we were able to deliver holiday food boxes to 1,400, low-income seniors as a way to spread cheer to those who need it most. Our annual Senior Holiday Delivery Event supports senior citizens in four counties — Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw. The special holiday packages included fresh fruits and vegetables, turkey, stuffing, non-perishable items and dessert, as well as gifts for those homes who have young children living in them.


Focus: HOPE Director of Development, Ashleigh Dunham delivering a holiday food box to Gracie Anderson.

“Focus: HOPE has truly been such a blessing in my life,” said Gracie Anderson, Focus: HOPE Food Program recipient. “Without Focus: HOPE, I wouldn’t have a holiday meal to enjoy with my family. If I ever win the lottery, I’d give back to Focus: HOPE.”

The seniors who were visited on December 17 are current recipients in our food program, and receive monthly, non-perishable supplemental food boxes. We feed 41,300 low-income seniors on a monthly-basis and have delivered over 24 million food boxes since 1971.

holiday41-1-of-1Focus: HOPE Director of Development, Ashleigh Dunham and Focus: HOPE Volunteer, Drew Patrick delivering a holiday food box to a food program recipient.

All of this would not be possible if it was not for our dedicated volunteers and community partners who sponsored our event, volunteered when it was needed and supported Focus: HOPE. Thank you to everyone who came to our Senior Holiday Delivery Event and went out in the crazy weather to ensure that our seniors, who should be enjoying their golden years, are set up with a complete holiday meal to enjoy with their loved ones.

interview1Interview of a Senior Holiday Delivery Volunteer 

interview-2Interview of a Senior Holiday Delivery Volunteer 

A special thanks to our presenting sponsor, DENSO, who is helping to double the impact Focus: HOPE is making this holiday season by matching all online donations made to our organization by December 31, 2016! You can double your donation today by going to:


“Connecting with our community is important to our company and our people,” said Bill Foy, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, DENSO International America, Inc. “DENSO is committed to building a strong community where our employees, family, friends and neighbors can grow and prosper.”

holiday3-1-of-1Focus: HOPE CEO, Jason D. Lee; DENSO, Program Manager, Community Affairs, Melissa Smith; and Melissa Smith’s daughter at Focus: HOPE’s Senior Holiday Delivery Event

DENSO has been a Focus: HOPE partner since 1999, supporting with monetary donations, the annual Focus: HOPE Walk, food program and workforce development programs. The matching online donations provided by DENSO will support our numerous programs that open opportunities for brighter futures.


DENSO, Program Manager, Community Affairs, Melissa Smith on why DENSO is sponsoring our Senior Holiday Delivery Event 

“During the holidays, we want to make sure that our seniors are able to enjoy a special meal in their own home,” said Focus: HOPE CEO, Jason D. Lee. “Although the monthly food boxes they receive contain plenty of nutritious items, this annual holiday box provides them with a holiday meal that allows them to celebrate with their loved ones in their own home.”

15493622_10154857237399294_1868293112851901276_oVolunteers from Oakland University’s Hockey Team loading up cars to deliver holiday boxes to low-income seniors.

For the Senior Holiday Delivery Event, volunteers packed and picked up the food boxes between 8-10 a.m. on December 17 at our Food Warehouse. There, they were provided with addresses to deliver the packages to, and other staff and volunteers helped load their vehicles for the deliveries.

interview4Interview of Senior Holiday Delivery volunteers

Monetary donations can be made online by clicking on this link!  and will be matched by DENSO $ for $ through December 31, 2016.

15590795_10154854383989294_2953301134239834265_oThe Motor City Cruisers and Professional Lady Riders, who have been coming out to help seniors in need at Focus: HOPE’s Senior Holiday Delivery Program for 12 years

15540612_10154857236689294_476090690842279317_oUnited Way and GM Volunteers at Focus: HOPE’s Senior Holiday Delivery Program.

For a full gallery of photos from the event, please Click Here!

Thank you again to our volunteers, presenting sponsor DENSO, and our other sponsors and supporters for helping us spread holiday cheer to 1,400, low-income senior citizens throughout 4 counties.


15493604_10154857237554294_4859464138490324335_oFocus: HOPE employees & volunteers helping out during the Senior Holiday Delivery Program

Wishing you and your families a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year!

Op Ed post Election November 17, 2016

by Focus: HOPE CEO, Jason Lee

Regardless of our individual political affiliations, we can all agree that the rhetoric of the 2016 Presidential Election has deeply polarized this country in ways not seen since the 1960’s. The spirit of America has been wounded by an exceptionally divisive approach to the political process – a process that many in this country fought for and some even gave their lives to protect.

We are the United States of America…the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Is our conduct with respect to one another reflective of these words that we sing so often at sporting events and school assemblies? Are our children learning the values of respect, racial tolerance, religious freedom, civil political discourse and non-violent protest?

Focus: HOPE was founded as a solution to the institutional and racial ills that plagued Detroit and our nation. We stand for equal justice and opportunity for all, from every race, creed, color, sexual orientation and religious doctrine. We believe in the beauty and dignity of each person, and the power of people working together to make positive change.   We believe in the United States of America, and in its power to overcome the great evils of racism, poverty and injustice.  Join us in healing the soul of this great country by spreading the message of good will, peace and understanding. Only by Standing Together will we Make America Great.

Jason D. Lee, CEO Focus: HOPE

Congratulations to our Earn & Learn Graduates of Fall 2016!

13 individuals on path towards pursing their dreams

Everyone we know wants to be happy, but what does being happy really mean? It means something different to almost everyone. For many, being happy is being able to go to school and study the field of their choice, raising a family and giving them the best life possible, being able to make enough money to travel and see the world, following your dreams, making your family proud, but most importantly, making yourself proud. Many people wish for the things that they know will make them happy but are stalled in advancing their dreams due to some of life’s unfortunate circumstances.  For example, HOPE Village, the neighborhood surrounding our 32-acre campus, has a population where 50% of residents live at or below the poverty line; and fewer than 10% have an associate’s degree or higher. As part of our HOPE Village Initiative, our goal is to that by the year 2031, 100% of those residents will be educationally well-prepared, economically self-sufficient and living in a safe and supportive environment.

Here at Focus: HOPE, we make sure that no matter where you are in life, educationally, economically or socially, you are being provided opportunities that will better your future and lead you on a path towards happiness and independence.

Our Earn & Learn program, which is one out of our many Workforce Development & Education programs, is designed to help individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 in the Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park areas, obtain work skills, set and achieve education goals, and gain work experience. Students who complete the program can expect to obtain skills and education that prepares them for careers in information technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, transportation/logistics/distribution or construction based on their personal interests. Students are not required to have a GED or High School diploma to enroll. The fields that Earn & Learn focus on were chosen based on the Metro Detroit economy, numbers of jobs in those fields, and the fact that they offer a salary that provides a good life with opportunity for advancement.

Just a few weeks ago, we had 13 individuals from the Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park area graduate from our Earn & Learn program. These individuals are now on a path to ensuring that their future is bright by reaching their full potential and being empowered to pursue their dreams.


Since graduating, they all have plans to, or have already begun, furthering their education.

1-1-of-1Gemarro McDaniel started his Certified Driver’s License training at U.S. Truck Driving School on November 9, 2016.

“The skills that this class taught me, I will use for the rest of my life.” said Germarro McDaniel.


Antuan Mitchell is starting our Fast Track program this coming January, 2017. The coursework in Fast Track stresses academics, time management, teamwork, workplace ethics, and conflict resolution.  Students have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certification from the International Business Training Association in Customer Service.

3 (1 of 1).jpg

Robski Neal began Construction Readiness Training at Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation on November 14, 2016.


Martin Nelson will begin training at our Machinist Training Institute this coming January, 2017.

“I leaned things here that I never expected to learn from Focus: HOPE,” said Martin Nelson. “The things we have learned from the staff are priceless.”

5 (1 of 1).jpg

Paul Peddy has already begun our Tech Hire program. Tech Hire is a partnership between the City of Detroit, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, Grand Circus, Southwest Solutions and Focus: HOPE. The training includes soft skills, academics, computer and career exploration. It is 300 hours of IT-career specific training over a 10-week period.

“Once I am finished with Tech Hire, I am going into the ITC program at Focus: HOPE that will start this coming January,” said Paul Peddy.  “I had a vision for what I wanted to do after high school, but the staff here helped me further that vision and build out a plan to put it into action, thank you.”

6 (1 of 1).jpg

Siara Sellers began Construction Readiness Training at Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation on November 14, 2016.

“I was the only woman in this class,” said Siara Sellers. “Thank you to the staff and students for making it so comfortable for me and allowing me to pursue my dreams.”


Shaquille Williams began his Certified Driver’s License training at U.S. Truck Driving School on November 9, 2016.

9 (1 of 1).jpg

Markese Greer also began his Certified Driver’s License training at U.S. Truck Driving School on November 9, 2016.

“Thank you to the staff for all of the wisdom you shared with us,” said Markese Greer. “Everyone, including my class mates, pushed me to reach my full potential and the staff even helped me fix my credit score.”

10 (1 of 1).jpg

Bilal Bell-Muhammad is beginning the Grand Circus Experience IT Program through the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation this January, 2017.

11 (1 of 1).jpg

Raynard Phillips is also beginning the Grand Circus Experience IT Program through the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation this January, 2017.

“What I have learned through Earn & Learn, gave me confidence that I never had before,” said Raynard Phillips. “If this class is a view into our future, I know we are all going to be successful.”

Not Pictured:

Gregory Holden started his Certified Driver’s License training at U.S. Truck Driving School on November 9, 2016.

Mystical Williams is training at our Machinist Training Institute this coming January, 2017.

Malik Lyles began the Diesel Mechanic Repair Program at Detroit Department of Transportation on November 14, 2016.

We are so proud of our Earn & Learn graduates and can’t wait to watch them succeed and pursue their dreams. If you wish to find out more information about any of our Workforce Development & Education programs, please go to or contact 313.494.4300.

Our Business Village is Now Open!

Offering affordable and local resources for entrepreneurs & start-ups in Detroit

Meet Harriette Brown. A wife, a mother, a lover of food and Chef Bee of Sisters on a Roll Mobile Café & Catering.

“The past 27 years have been a flavor filled journey, as I see food as both an art form & a universal gift to be shared by all,” Said Harriette Brown. “It is my privilege to share with you food prepared from the heart with the soul in mind, bringing you the flavor of love one bite at a time.”


Harriette Brown has a background in outreach ministry and has always lived her life helping others. Harriette Brown has a passion for  helping people in her community, and entrepreneurship.

“I never thought that I’d have my own business,” said Harriette Brown. “Helping others is my life long dream, having this business allows me to give more back.”

Before successfully launching Sister’s on a Roll, Mobile Cafe & Catering, Harriette Brown was wondering how she could turn her passion into a reality. How did she go from, I wish I could, to I am? Prosperous classes at Focus: HOPE.


ProsperUS Detroit is a place-based economic development strategy designed to empower low and moderate income, immigrant and minority individuals. They have long-teamed up with us, Focus: HOPE, to aid in our community revitalization efforts that include developing a comprehensive program of supports for cultivating our HOPE Village business community. This consists of a series of training, workshops, a co-working space and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Detroit has always been strong, but lately, the development and activity it is seeing is in hyper speed with Detroit becoming a top destination for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.

Photo courtesy of Sasaki Associates via Huffington Post

Detroit is built strong, but the statistical inner-city issues are still there. One neighborhood that we focus on, HOPE Village, which immediately surrounds our campus, has close to 50% of its residents living below the poverty line.  HOPE Village is part of our HOPE Village Initiative whose goal is by the year 2031, 100% of HOPE Village residents will be educationally well prepared, economically self-sufficient and living in a safe and supportive environment.

So how did Harriette Brown make her dreams a reality with the help of Focus: HOPE & ProsperUs Detroit? A few years ago, she agreed to pick up a friend from Focus: HOPE’s ProsperUs class. As she was waiting for the class to end, Focus: HOPE mentor and Manager of Neighborhood and Economic Revitalization, HOPE Village Initiative, Judith Williams, urged her to stay for the last hour to see if she would be interested in attending an upcoming session. Harriet Brown liked what she took away from the last hour of the workshop and signed up for the next session that involved entrepreneurship training programs and support services with the thought, “maybe this could really work” and the drive to make her dream a reality.

Fast forward a few years to October 20th, 2016, the Grand Opening of our Business Village, and Harriette Brown, from Sisters on a Roll Mobile Catering & Services, was our caterer; and a delicious one at that.

Harriette Brown, Sisters on a Roll Mobile Catering & Services 

“Judith Williams has been encouraging,  supportive and inspirational to me by helping me pursue my dreams,” said Harriette Brown. “I’m forever grateful to
Focus: HOPE and ProsperUS for propelling me forward in making my dreams a reality.”

Our Business Village is officially open! The Business Village is an office space that allows entrepreneurs, bloggers, small businesses, start-ups and more, to rent out office space at an affordable price in collaboration with ProsperUs Detroit. Our Business Village offers local, neighborhood residents affordable space that is nearby, and the resources and help that are essential in successfully launching small businesses, start-ups, websites and more. We want to make sure that we are helping the people who grew up in Detroit, have lived in Detroit and are not leaving Detroit and help them reach their full potential.

Jason Lee, CEO, Focus: HOPE; Judith Williams, Manager, Neighborhood and Economic Revitalization, HOPE Village Initiative; Elaine Gardner, Assistant, Focus: HOPE; Juanita Maxwell, Assistant, Focus: HOPE  

When members purchase a plan, they get office space, a conference room available for meetings and brainstorm sessions, laptop rentals, flash drives and cabinet space. We also offer drop-in rates and a la carte items for one time uses.

Business Village Conference Room 

Focus: HOPE mentors are available to help with marketing needs, research, and finding the correct resources that fit your goals and plans.


Our Business Village is in collaboration with ProsperUs Detroit, which will continue to offer entrepreneur classes and workshops to our Business Village members that aid in our goal of developing a comprehensive program of supports for cultivating Focus: HOPE’s, HOPE Village business community.

Krista Contreras and Joanna Dueweke, ProsperUs Detroit 

“The whole idea of co-working is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide.” Said Judith Williams, Manager, Neighborhood and Economic Revitalization, HOPE Village Initiative.

JP Morgan Chase colleagues attending our grand opening 

For more information on our Business Village, please contact Judith Williams at 313-494-4351 or